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Lisbon (sardine) challenge

Created by Walter 3 years ago.

Rules for this challenge:

Its only allowed to take a phote with the sardines in the store Ponto Lx (street Rua de Augosto Rosa).

First for this challenge

  • Walter
  • Skipper

During his (Walter) trip to Lisbon (Portogal), Walter met a fantastic, kind and friendly designer. This lady is the first, who ever designed the famous sardines (stuffed animals). Because Walter loves making friends, but even more important helping local artists, this challenge arise.  When you and your travelbuddy are in Lisbon, please visit this shop (streetname: Rua de Augusto Rosa number 23 / behind the church Sé). Take a phote (please ask premission, the designer knows that travelbuddies will come for this challenge). And maybe you and your travelbuddy can make some new friends, with the typical local (stuffed) sardines. Have fun.

2 travelbuddie(s) did this challenge!

Skipper did this challenge with the spot Doing some challenges in Lisbon

Submitted on: 08 March 2015

While in lisabon Skipper took the time to visit the Ponto Lx store to take a quick picture for this challenge. It was fun talking about the website and buying a souvenir!

Walter did this challenge with the spot Lisbon (Portugal).

Submitted on: 20 December 2014