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On the move!

Created by Skipper 4 years ago.

Rules for this challenge:

  • Car, bus, bike, bicycle, boat, train, airplane, hot air balloon, and so on.. all will do.
  • The form of transportation should be clear in the picture!

First for this challenge

  • Skipper
  • Rüdi
  • NUNU

Where would we be if there were no other forms of transportation than our own feet? Well probably not that far! Luckaly for us there are enough ways to get from A to B a little bit faster.

Have you ever taken the bus or floated around in a hot air balloon? Post your location to participate! Show us your ways to get from A to B. Any form of transportation will do!

5 travelbuddie(s) did this challenge!

Walter did this challenge with the spot Walter in the big apple

Submitted on: 17 June 2014

Walter in a NY taxi towards the airport

Annony did this challenge with the spot North Korea

Submitted on: 27 February 2014

The train I was on back to China stopped and I climbed out and went for a walk. In the picture I'm sat on the engine. We had to wait for ages cos the track further up the line had collapsed and it had to be fixed before we could continue.
We missed our connecting train to Beijing and wound up in Shenyang....but that's another story. Hope you like my challenge entry.

NUNU did this challenge with the spot Nunu en croisière

Submitted on: 19 November 2013


Rüdi did this challenge with the spot Petrin - Funicular railway

Submitted on: 04 November 2013

Rdi enjoyed Petrin funicular railway last weekend. He was very excited, because he heart, he get's an award for the ride! :-)

Skipper did this challenge with the spot Amsterdam

Submitted on: 30 October 2013

To get to Amsterdam (from the north of Holland) Skipper took the train and enjoyed the view on the fast passing flat lands!