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Royal guard

Created by Walter 3 years ago.

Rules for this challenge:

Its only allowed with the Royal Guard from a other country then the home country of the travel buddy.

First for this challenge

  • Walter
  • Skipper

The challenge is not the easiest, but with a little courage should definitely succeed. There are some countries most likely in Europe where still a Royal Guard for the Palace stands. Get your travelbuddy in front of a Royal guard, please be carefull that they don't think your travel buddy is hidding a bomb & then take the photo. It would be amazing if they wanna hold the travel buddy, but some Royal Guards are a little bit serious & it wouldn't be nice if the has to spend a night in jail. But even then, that would be an amazing new idea for a challenge.

2 travelbuddie(s) did this challenge!

Skipper did this challenge with the spot Doing some challenges in Lisbon

Submitted on: 08 March 2015

A quick selfie with the guard at the military museum in Lisbon!

Walter did this challenge with the spot Walter in Kopenhagen

Submitted on: 20 December 2014