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Sports game

Created by Kumamon 2 years ago.

Rules for this challenge:

Just make sure there is an official sports game going on in the background.

You can have your travelbuddy looking into the camera or looking at the game.

First for this challenge

  • Kumamon
  • Walter

Have your travelbuddy visit a sports game!

It can be any sport you like; football, baseball, tennis, you name it!

2 travelbuddie(s) did this challenge!

Walter did this challenge with the spot Walter enjoying his run during the Rotterdam Marathon 2015

Submitted on: 08 August 2015

Walter was in Rotterdam and decided to have a nice run. He was a little bit to fast because the other runners are far away from him.

Kumamon did this challenge with the spot Kumamon visits a baseball game in Japan

Submitted on: 07 August 2015