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Travel companions plus!

Created by Administrator 4 years ago.

Rules for this challenge:

  • Your location must show one or more "travelbuddies" besides yourself
  • The other "travelbuddy" needs to be a member of this site!

First for this challenge

  • Rüdi
  • Skipper
  • Kumamon

Traveling alone can be fun, but traveling with a companion can be great too!
Especially if you have the same taste for things or if your companion can help you discover new things!

This is the same challenge as the "Travel companions" challenge, yet for this one the other travelbuddie(s) needs to be a member on this site!

So did you ever pose with other "travelbuddies" from this website then you can win this award!

4 travelbuddie(s) did this challenge!

Walter did this challenge with the spot Nagasaki

Submitted on: 23 August 2015

Walter meeting his new travelbuddy friend in the harbour of nagasaki.

Kumamon did this challenge with the spot Meeting Walter in Nagasaki

Submitted on: 08 August 2015


Skipper did this challenge with the spot Kinderdijk

Submitted on: 21 March 2014

When visiting kinderdijk (The Netherlands) we made a picture with our dear friend Kikker :) You can see us enjoying the dutch scenery and sunshine!

Rüdi did this challenge with the spot Cologne Cable Car

Submitted on: 05 November 2013

On the photo you can see me with my buddies Seb (the monkey) and Max.

Seb lives in Bangkok. He is named after Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel. He's not member of this site. But Max from Cologne has joined

We enjoyed the days in Cologne very much and hope to meet again soon.