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Visiting the zoo

Created by Administrator 4 years ago.

Rules for this challenge:

  • The picture should show at least one species of animal (next to the travelbuddy)
  • Petting zoo's, aquaria or any other park where animals can be watched also apply.

First for this challenge

  • Skipper
  • Rüdi
  • Beulah Hare

Visiting a zoo is always fun, but did you ever bring your travelbuddy?
It's especially fun to have your travelbuddy pose with the same species (if you have a travelbuddy that resembles an animal) :)

There are more then a 1000 zoo's across the world, so there should be one near you! Take your travelbuddy, visit the zoo and earn this challenge award!

4 travelbuddie(s) did this challenge!

Walter did this challenge with the spot Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo

Submitted on: 05 August 2015

Walter went to the zoo in his hometown Rotterdam. He met some nice animals but because it was a little bit hot many of them didnt want to come out to play.

Beulah Hare did this challenge with the spot Edinburgh Zoo

Submitted on: 17 October 2013

Beulah's best friend, Georgia (the only giraffe in Edinburgh Zoo,) likes to take her round to visit the other animals in her home. Sometimes, Georgia catches the buss and goes with Beulah on adventures, too.

Rüdi did this challenge with the spot Haus des Meeres - Wien

Submitted on: 13 October 2013

Today I was at the "Haus des Meeres" and saw many animals. I feared the sharks and snakes but my parents told me, they're behind glass and do not eat plush animals anyway. But it was very creepy.

Skipper did this challenge with the spot Zoo Emmen

Submitted on: 30 September 2013

Skipper visited the Zoo in Emmen "Noorder dierenpark emmen" and took a nice selfie with the humboldt penguins!