You found or received a travelbuddy!

  • Now what does this mean? A (trackable) travelbuddy is a item that travels from person to person or location to location. While doing this it tries to complete its goals or simply travel as much as possible!

  • What should I do? You should create a log of your findings. By doing this the owner of the travelbuddy can see where the travelbuddy is and how far it has traveled. After logging the travelbuddy you can decide what to do next, do you want to give the travelbuddy to somebody so he or she can log it and help it further on its travels? Or do you want to place it somewhere where it will be found by somebody else? The choice is up to you. (Please don't keep the travelbuddy for yourself).

    Thanks so much for participating!
    For more information visit the travelbuddies website at:

Log a travelbuddy by entering its travelcode, you can find this attached to the travelbuddy.