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A penguin's dream come true.

Date: 09-12-2013
(Added: 10-12-2013)

Tokyo fish market!  Tuna, tuna, tuna!  Oh, wait, what do you mean this one is made of plywood?  Well, there was some really, really good sushi right around the corner.  We REALLY liked Tokyo, especially the food!

Opus puts his flippers up

Date: 24-11-2013
(Added: 04-12-2013)

Dad dragged me around Thailand "working" which was very silly, I saw how many Singhas he had.  So while he was out "inspecting a hotel",  I decided to chill by the pool with an adult beverage. Makes up for allof the time I have been stuffed onthe smelly green bag!

Reclining Buddha, Reclining Penguin

Date: 20-11-2013
(Added: 05-12-2013)

The story goes that when Buddha reclined, he became even more powerful.  Opus tried it and he fell asleep.

Opus out of breath after climbing Diamond Head

Date: 12-09-2012
(Added: 05-12-2013)

You know dad, it is a lovely view.  But most birds can fly up here.  Do you know how hard it is to hop up all of those steps?  There had better be a cold one waiting for me after this little adventure. 

Opus and a big assed cactus

Date: 14-03-2012
(Added: 05-12-2013)

Arizona is not really native territory for penguins.  And of all the things we could have done there, dad decided to go see a cactus garden?  Really?  There aren't enough of them along the side of the flipping road?  Still, have to admit, this one was pretty damn big.

Opus in Halong Bay

Date: 07-12-2011
(Added: 05-12-2013)

Nice waters, interesting mountains, yeah, yeah, yeah.  The real attraction here is some damn fine seafood.

Opus and a funny looking rock

Date: 11-07-2008
(Added: 06-12-2013)

Elephant hill?  Does not look like an elephant to me.  Looks like a rock.  How much rice wine did those Chinese poets drink?