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Pepe Museo del Oro

Date: 06-10-2016
(Added: 06-10-2016)

Our dear Pepe last week visited the Gold Museum in the beautiful country of Colombia and this week we released our first video


Pepe In Lima Peru

Date: 13-09-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Pepe who loves to travel and this time I touch visit the beautiful country of Peru and in this photo is in the famous Cruz de Lima.

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In San Francisco

Date: 21-06-2016
(Added: 21-06-2016)

Pepe visit San Francisco 

Pepe in Colombia

Date: 26-05-2014
(Added: 26-05-2016)

Pepe was travel to colombia in 2013 an drank juan valdez coffe

Pepe in Chiapas

Date: 29-01-2014
(Added: 26-05-2016)

Pepe was traveling in Chiapas during 2014 and he loved the coffee.

Pepe in Costa Rica

Date: 26-05-2013
(Added: 26-05-2016)

Pepe was travel to Costa Rica in 2013 and love it.
He eat a lot of gallo pinto 

Pepe in Panama

Date: 20-05-2013
(Added: 21-06-2016)

Pepe visited the panama canal and could see a boat go through the door of miraflores

Pepe in Teotihuacan

Date: 04-01-2013
(Added: 27-05-2016)

Pepe was visiting the archeologic site of Teotihuacan in Mexico

Pepe in Coyoacan

Date: 13-03-2012
(Added: 22-06-2016)

Pepe visit Coyoacan in Mexico City

Pepe visit Canada

Date: 20-12-2010
(Added: 26-05-2016)

Last winter pepe travel to canda to pass good time whit the snow