Buddy spots (7 found)

Dinant the place of mr Sax, so Walter lets play some music.

Date: 22-07-2016
(Added: 22-07-2016)

Walter travelled to Dinant. After a nice walk in the town he was so hungry and decided to take some typical belgium food.


Date: 22-07-2016
(Added: 22-07-2016)

Walter went to Namur/Namen in Belgium. It was a little bit busy in the city because there was a festival. 

Durbuy (The Ardennes)

Date: 15-03-2016
(Added: 04-04-2016)

Skipper loved visiting this old town and take a hike through the surrounding forests.

Roadtrip Belgium

Date: 25-08-2013
(Added: 05-01-2014)

A nice roadtrip through Belguim and Germany after a cool music festival in Houffalize (Belgium)


Date: 23-10-2012
(Added: 23-10-2012)

Beautiful antwerp!


Date: 20-10-2012
(Added: 23-10-2012)

Beautiful city of ghent. Sometimes it feels like a fairytale here. Cute houses everywhere

In bruges

Date: 06-03-2010
(Added: 20-07-2012)

Meest gefotografeerde spot in Brugge, zoals gewoonlijk vindt skipper het leuk om juist op dit soort plekjes te poseren! Brugge, zeker de moeite waard!