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Date: 27-10-2017
(Added: 24-11-2017)

Dexter went to visit China. His first stop was in Beijing. He found it to be too very polluted and overcrowded!


Date: 24-10-2017
(Added: 24-11-2017)

Then Dexter visited Shanghai


Date: 19-10-2017
(Added: 24-11-2017)

Dexter, general of the Terracotta Army! :-)

Beijing the city of great and unique food

Date: 11-04-2017
(Added: 11-04-2017)

After months of hard work Walter needed a short break. So completing the  list of visiting the world of wonders he went to China to visit the great wall of China. Because Walter likes some risk he went to snack street to find the 4 S: spider, snake, scorpion and sea star.

Jingshan Park in Beijing

Date: 08-10-2013
(Added: 08-10-2013)

Jingshan Park is a hill behind of the Forbidden City in Beijing. From there you can have great views over Beijing.

Dandong (including Great Wall at Tiger Mountain) China

Date: 07-09-2013
(Added: 27-02-2014)

When I was waiting for my North Korean visa I stayed in the Boarder city of Dandong.  Here are my pictures of the Great Wall at Tiger Mountain a little way out of the city.

The Great Wall of China (Jioumenkou section)

Date: 26-08-2013
(Added: 24-09-2013)

Jioumenkou is about 15 km from the point, where the Great Wall meets the sea. It's one of the places, where you can visit the Wall without millions of other tourists. We stayed in a nice beach hotel in Qinhuangdao. From there you can take a taxi to the wall.




Date: 27-03-2011
(Added: 28-07-2012)

Shanghai skyline & Yugarden


Date: 24-03-2011
(Added: 28-07-2012)

Blije kikker op de minibar

Opus and a funny looking rock

Date: 11-07-2008
(Added: 06-12-2013)

Elephant hill?  Does not look like an elephant to me.  Looks like a rock.  How much rice wine did those Chinese poets drink?