Buddy spots (7 found)


Date: 02-01-2016
(Added: 14-04-2016)
Perfect surfwaves in Taghazout, 25 km from Agadir :)

Atlas mountains

Date: 27-11-2015
(Added: 27-11-2015)

walter went up to the mountains of the atlas. He had an amazing view on the top.

Fes amazing city but Walter is still upset

Date: 26-11-2015
(Added: 26-11-2015)

Walter had a big dream when he planned to go to Fes. He always wanted a Fes hat. He couldn't find a hat that fit, so he went very upset back to his hotelroom. 


Date: 25-11-2015
(Added: 25-11-2015)

walter travelled from Casablanca to the city of Rabat. Then he decided to go to Meknes and Volubilis. But he has a little bit of a delay because the car was broken and he couldn't visit volubilis. Friday a new change to visit this roman city.


Date: 25-11-2015
(Added: 25-11-2015)

finally after a delay of 2 hours walter arrived in meknes.

The country of the 1000 & 1 nights

Date: 22-11-2015
(Added: 22-11-2015)

Walter starts his journey in Marrokko in the city of Marrakesh. He visited the medina and checked if he got use a flying carpet. After that he went to palace to rest.

Nunu à la mosquée Hassan 2

Date: 30-10-2012
(Added: 05-10-2013)

Escale à Casablanca