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Flying high, flying high to the sky and land in Belfast.

Date: 22-09-2016
(Added: 22-09-2016)

Next trip Northern Ireland & Ireland. But first a trip with an airplane.

Bergen aan Zee

Date: 01-11-2015
(Added: 28-11-2015)

Skipper visiting Bergen aan Zee and enjoying the north sea!

Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo

Date: 05-08-2015
(Added: 05-08-2015)

This day Walter went to the zoo Blijdorp in Rotterdam. He met some nervous pink birds. Then he went to the longnecks he wish he got used them as a slide. The same thing what dikkerdje dap did many years ago.

Amsterdam have some fun

Date: 31-05-2015
(Added: 31-05-2015)

Walter went to Amsterdam to visit one of his favourite restaurant and the statues at Tussauds. 

Walter enjoying his run during the Rotterdam Marathon 2015

Date: 12-04-2015
(Added: 08-08-2015)

Walter went to the Rotterdam Marathon a few months ago. He was so fast that the other runners were way behind him. 


Date: 29-12-2014
(Added: 29-12-2014)

walter had the time of his live in the fantastic city of Rotterdam. 

Walter op Schiphol Amsterdam

Date: 30-04-2014
(Added: 17-06-2014)

Walter maakt Schiphol onveilig en gaat daarna een hapje eten in Amsterdam


Date: 16-03-2014
(Added: 17-03-2014)

Last weekend we went to see the windmills at kinderdijk (one of the most famous dutch tourist sites around). Here between de windmills dating from around 1740 we also ran into our travelbuddy friend kikker! :)
It was a beautiful day to hang out and enjoy the scenery!


Date: 08-09-2013
(Added: 08-09-2013)

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, a nice place for a weekend trip. Visiting the Rijksmuseum, the dam square and ofcourse to do some shopping. Skipper loved all the places he've seen! Amsterdam is a good place for stuffed penguins.

Zoo Emmen

Date: 29-09-2012
(Added: 30-09-2012)

Skipper wanted to check out his closest nearby relatives, so we went to the Zoo Emmen (Dierenpark Emmen) where they have the biggest colony of Humboldt penguins in Europe!