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Reunification Express (Vietnam)

Date: 14-05-2015
(Added: 31-03-2016)

It's definitely not an express train. The journey from Saigon in the south to Hanoi in the north needs some 36 hours. The carriages are rusty, it's loud and comfort is more on the low side. But it's great fun. If you want to go on this trip, you'll find plenty of information at seat61.com/Vietnam.htm  

Nui Sam (Sam Mountain)

Date: 05-05-2015
(Added: 05-05-2015)

Sam Mountain (Nui Sam, 284m) is a sacred place for Buddhists. The landscape is beautiful and there's a park with giant concrete animals, because travelling plushies also want to have some fun!

Reunification Express

Date: 05-01-2013
(Added: 09-02-2013)

All aboard the Reunification Express! Let's take a ride to Hoi An. Thankfully the actual train was a little more modern than this one.

Sampling a brew in Saigon

Date: 28-12-2012
(Added: 10-02-2013)

15 000 VND (75 cents australian)  for a can of beer at a restaurant! That's got to be a place worth putting on your itinerary.

Opus in Halong Bay

Date: 07-12-2011
(Added: 05-12-2013)

Nice waters, interesting mountains, yeah, yeah, yeah.  The real attraction here is some damn fine seafood.