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Boulder Beach Penguin Colony

Date: 15-02-2017
(Added: 27-03-2017)

On our trip through South Africa we visited the penguins of Simon's Town. It is a big colony, and the are very friendly. Penguins are birds, that cannot fly on their own. If they want to fly, they have to take a plane, like me.


If you want to visit the penguins, you should come early. If you come late, there are many chinese visitors and the penguins are annoyed and hide behind the rocks or go swimming. Seems, they do not like Chinese.

T Stanford Cowe inspects the business end of a Mitsubishi 4WD

Date: 06-01-2017
(Added: 05-03-2017)

T Stanford prepares for a drive in the beautiful southern region of Western Australia.


Date: 16-09-2016
(Added: 20-09-2016)

Skipper visiting the beautiful beach of Etretat! The big pebbles made it hard to walk!

Pepe In Lima Peru

Date: 13-09-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Pepe who loves to travel and this time I touch visit the beautiful country of Peru and in this photo is in the famous Cruz de Lima.

If you want to see or know more about Pepe visit:


Waterton lakes national park

Date: 03-09-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Dexter spent labor-day week-end in Waterton lakes national park.

Hiking in Banff

Date: 20-08-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Dexter spent his summer hiking his way accross the Rockies, as he loves to do!

Banff national park

Date: 24-07-2016
(Added: 28-07-2016)

Dexter is hiking all around Banff national park this summer!

Attila domb, the miracle healing hill

Date: 16-06-2016
(Added: 29-07-2016)

It is said that Attila domb (Attila hill) has special, constantly changing electromagnetic and radioactive field and healing power. Since a seriously ill horse got well, patients come here and spend here a few hours to recover. I'm a healthy dog and I did not feel anything of this power but a medick seed stuck in my paw.

Kincsem ("my treasure"), the famous and unbeaten Hungarian racehorse was born here.

There is a plan to rebuild here the wooden palace of Attila and they collect money for this.

Banff national park

Date: 12-06-2016
(Added: 17-06-2016)

Dexter is spending as much time as he can in his favorite place on Earth: Banff national park!

Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure

Date: 23-05-2016
(Added: 17-06-2016)

Dexter is feeling very tiny next to the huge all-terrain Ice Explorer bus taking him on the Athabasca Glacier.