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Date: 24-10-2017
(Added: 24-11-2017)

Then Dexter visited Shanghai


Date: 19-10-2017
(Added: 24-11-2017)

Dexter, general of the Terracotta Army! :-)

Pepe Museo del Oro

Date: 06-10-2016
(Added: 06-10-2016)

Our dear Pepe last week visited the Gold Museum in the beautiful country of Colombia and this week we released our first video


San Gimignano

Date: 22-08-2016
(Added: 22-08-2016)

San Gimignano is a town in the Italian province of Tuscany. The town is also called the "city of fine towers". It is famous for itsmedivial architecture. We climbed Torre Grosso and took some photos. I was a bit scared, because it was very high and windy and I am lightweighted.


Date: 01-08-2016
(Added: 14-08-2016)

Dexter went to visit Seattle. He was very lucky as it was sunny for 3 straight days!

Ringebu Stavkyrkje

Date: 04-07-2016
(Added: 12-07-2016)

Skipper visiting one of his favorite Norwegian Heritage, The "Stavkyrkje"!
This one located in the town of Ringebu.

Author's Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental (Bangkok)

Date: 30-03-2016
(Added: 30-03-2016)

The Mandarin Oriental is one of the most famous hotels in the world. And the Authors's Lounge is a place, where famous writers (Noël Coward, James Michener, Somerset Maugham, Joseph Conrad and many others) been before. It was closed for renovation and re-opened a few weeks before we arrived in Bangkok.

It's a perfect place for an afternoon tea. I was there with my buddy Sepp. He lived in Bangkok for a long time and changed to Chiang Mai recently. Watch out his Facebook page "Sepp - Bangkok Entdecker".

Food is absolutely delicious and the location is great!   

Sentosa (Singapore)

Date: 30-03-2016
(Added: 30-03-2016)

In February 2016 I was in Singapore for the second time. Singapore was the starting point of our journey. We left it by train and travelled through Malaysia and Thailand.

I love Singapore! There is so much to see and to do. One place, that is very enjoyable, is Sentosa Island. It's all about having fun. You can go to the beach, in museums, they have rollercoaster, a Hard Rock Café, a Madame Tussaud's and many other things.


Date: 04-03-2016
(Added: 31-03-2016)

Doha is the capital of the state of Qatar. A few decades earlier it was a small village in the desert. Now it's a huge city with an impressive skyline in the desert. We visited friends there. They took us on a very nice city tour. The "Old Souk" is a nice place, it's a huge market where you can buy many goods. We had dinner there and tried shisha. The pictures are from a little boat trip. The boats starting at the waterfront promenade which is called "The Corniche".


Date: 07-08-2015
(Added: 17-08-2015)

Dexter is delighted he now lives near Banff national park