Buddy spots (6 found)

Queen Mary

Date: 11-01-1998
(Added: 06-02-2013)

Visiting the Queen

1959 Caddy

Date: 10-01-1998
(Added: 06-02-2013)

Love that car!


Date: 05-01-1998
(Added: 06-02-2013)

Taking in  some art at the Guggenheim

Empire State Building

Date: 04-01-1998
(Added: 06-02-2013)

Hanging out with the pigeons at the Empire State Building in NYC

T Stanford Cowe visits York Castle, United Kingdom

Date: 04-01-1998
(Added: 20-12-2013)

One from the achives...T Stanford Cowe poses in fron of York Castle on his first overseas journey (if you don't count the one from his birthplace in Shanghai to Australia) in 1998.


Date: 02-01-1998
(Added: 06-02-2013)

T Stanford Cowe takes in the sights at Versailles