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My Peoples Getting All Kinds of Married

Date: 15-11-2008
(Added: 08-02-2013)

My Peoples got married in this LovelyIslandPlace. I mostly stayed on the Pride of Americans Boat. My Peoples said that the Islands were overrun with PitBulls infected with MaddingCowsDiseases. Later I found out that the biggest threat were WildChickens. Peoples, man.

1st Cruise!

Date: 13-11-2008
(Added: 13-09-2012)

My Peoples went on an Hawaiian cruise. After a week long cruise, they got off of the ship and got married.

St. Rémy de Provence

Date: 08-08-2008
(Added: 09-06-2014)

I'm on vacation in the small town where Van Gogh lived and painted many of his masterpieces.

I wanted a picture with Vincent at all costs!


Date: 06-08-2008
(Added: 24-09-2012)

Home sweet home.


Opus and a funny looking rock

Date: 11-07-2008
(Added: 06-12-2013)

Elephant hill?  Does not look like an elephant to me.  Looks like a rock.  How much rice wine did those Chinese poets drink?


Date: 01-06-2008
(Added: 24-09-2012)