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T Stanford Visits Great Keppel Island (Australia)

Date: 18-12-2013
(Added: 20-12-2013)

T Stanford got his sea legs and sailed across to Great Keppel Island (Queensland, Australia). Please note: T Stanford would like younger viewers of this photo to know that he only removed his sun-smart hat for the few seconds that it took to have this photo taken and quickly put it back on. He also liberally applied sunscreen to his pasty white body. He would also like to say that he is not condoning in any way practices that are not sun-safe.

Keulen - Cologne - Köln

Date: 16-12-2013
(Added: 16-12-2013)

Where better to go for christmasmarkets then Germany? Well i don't know but Cologne was full of em!
We had a wonderful time walking around, doing some site seeing and drinking "heiße kakao"! :)
We visited almost all of the christmasmarkets did the panorama view on top of the KölnTrianglePanorama and walked the sidewalks of the Rhine.


Date: 13-12-2013
(Added: 05-01-2014)

City trip to the Edinburgh. Perfect weather for a frog :)

On the background the "Harry Potter" castle

A penguin's dream come true.

Date: 09-12-2013
(Added: 10-12-2013)

Tokyo fish market!  Tuna, tuna, tuna!  Oh, wait, what do you mean this one is made of plywood?  Well, there was some really, really good sushi right around the corner.  We REALLY liked Tokyo, especially the food!

Weihnachtsmarkt im Türkenschanzpark (Vienna)

Date: 02-12-2013
(Added: 02-12-2013)

Türkenschanzpark is a park in Vienna. It is placed on the location, where the Turks had their fort, when they layed siege on Vienna in 1683.

In the days before christmas a market is held in the park. People meet, drink gluhwein and eat. A brass band plays christmas songs. Vienna is full of christmas markets, this is one of the smaller ones.

Nunu à l'hotel Crystal Paraiso

Date: 29-11-2013
(Added: 01-12-2013)

Nunu  à l'hotel  Crystal Paraiso

Nunu au grand bazar d'Antalia

Date: 28-11-2013
(Added: 01-12-2013)

Nunu au grand bazar d'Antalia

Sky-high: London Eye

Date: 28-11-2013
(Added: 04-12-2013)

Skipper had been Sky high in the London Eye. He had a great view al over the city there.

Nunu devant le caravanserai d'AKSARAI

Date: 27-11-2013
(Added: 01-12-2013)

Nunu devant le caravanserai  d'AKSARAI

Winter wonderland Hyde park London

Date: 27-11-2013
(Added: 04-12-2013)

The 27th of november we went to London and visited the Winter Wonderland Christmas market in Hyde park. The whole city was fun and Christmassy. Loved it!