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T Stanford Cowe Waits His Turn

Date: 26-12-2015
(Added: 26-03-2016)

Talk about queue! A HUNDRED AND FIFTY MINUUTES WAIT for the Ngong Ping Cable Car to Lantau Island, Hong Kong. And that's not even the end of the queue. To get to the end of the queue you have to cross the road, go up the street, cross a smaller road, go around the corner, a bit futher up the road, look for the last person in the line and stand there. It's anybody's guess as to how long the wait is from the end of the queue.

T Stanford Cowe vists the far east...Macau!

Date: 22-12-2015
(Added: 09-01-2016)

T Standford Cowe takes in the scenery on the Island of Macau (or Macao, ifyou prefer the traditional Portuguese spelling), a former Portuguese colony.

T Stanford Cowe prepares for his next jaunt

Date: 14-12-2015
(Added: 14-12-2015)

T Stanford Cowe is in the mooooove again! But before he leaves home, he needs to ensure he is fully prepared for the intricacies of the global electricity network.But which plug does he need for Hong Kong? Oh forget it, just take them all.

Winter wonderland

Date: 14-12-2015
(Added: 28-12-2015)

Dexter is enjoying the early season snow around Calgary!

Amphawa Floating Market

Date: 30-11-2015
(Added: 30-11-2015)

Amphawa is a small town south of Bangkok. It is famous for it's floating market. The market starts only on weekends so many people come from Bangkok on weekends to have a good time there. Food vendors prepare delicious Thai food directly on their boats, music is played on some places and there are many shopping opportunities also.

In Amphawa you can go by boat, and I love boat rides. But this time it was raining, and I had to be in the rucksack most of the time.

WFFT (Wildlife Rescue Centre)

Date: 30-11-2015
(Added: 30-11-2015)

The Wildlife Rescue Centre near Hua Hin (Thailand) takes care for harmed animals. They have hundreds of animals (bears, monkeys, elephants, birds. In Thailand many animals have to work, and I feel so sorry for them. WFFT saves for examples animals, who had to carry stupid tourists for many years or monkeys, that lifed on a iron chain.

The Centre can be visited. You have to pay for the daytrip, where you can visit all the animals, wash and feed an elephant and even take a walk with an elephant. The money is important for running the Rescue Centre.

Atlas mountains

Date: 27-11-2015
(Added: 27-11-2015)

walter went up to the mountains of the atlas. He had an amazing view on the top.

Roman city in Morocco

Date: 27-11-2015
(Added: 27-11-2015)

A little bit of culture for Walter this day

Fes amazing city but Walter is still upset

Date: 26-11-2015
(Added: 26-11-2015)

Walter had a big dream when he planned to go to Fes. He always wanted a Fes hat. He couldn't find a hat that fit, so he went very upset back to his hotelroom. 


Date: 25-11-2015
(Added: 25-11-2015)

finally after a delay of 2 hours walter arrived in meknes.