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Taipei noodle soup

Date: 12-05-2015
(Added: 12-05-2015)
I loved the soup. The little boy seemed to be a bit bored though.

Cardinal Fozzie

Date: 12-05-2015
(Added: 12-05-2015)

Does that biretta really make me a cardinal?

Mumbai Marsala

Date: 12-05-2015
(Added: 12-05-2015)

My first intention was to watch the old Mumbai busses go by.

But when this lovely young lady sat down next to me I was really distracted. And she was really curious.

Incredible India

Brisbane sunset

Date: 12-05-2015
(Added: 12-05-2015)

I know, you really have to look twice to spot me.

I had to stand still and not move while Mr. Photographer took one picture after the other. But in this case it was really worth it.

Kumamon visits a baseball game in Japan

Date: 08-05-2015
(Added: 07-08-2015)

Kumamon went to Osaka to see the baseball game between the Osaka Hanshin Tigers and Hiroshima Carp.

Meeting Walter in Nagasaki

Date: 05-05-2015
(Added: 08-08-2015)

I met my fellow travelbuddy Walter in the harbour of Nagasaki, Japan.


Date: 13-12-2014
(Added: 20-05-2015)

This was by far my furthest trip. But it was definitely worth it.

Looking for Dracula in Romania.

Date: 18-05-2014
(Added: 22-05-2014)

Hello  everyone.  Me back from Romanian.  Went to Transylvania to look for Count Dracula at Bran Castle.  Me climb lots of stairs and looked everywhere but couldn't find any vampires.  The pictures show me climbing the steps to the castle entrance,  then having a rest inside.

Beirut marina

Date: 12-04-2014
(Added: 20-05-2015)

Shiny high rise buildings and old ruins from Civil war times. I was quite impressed during my visit to the former Paris of the East.

Lost Gardens of Heligan Cornwall, UK

Date: 27-02-2014
(Added: 27-02-2014)

My human companion took me to Heligan.  I had lots of fun and found this really strange statue.  I thought it had fallen over but was told it was made to look like it was coming out of the ground! It's called The Mud Maid and you can see me sitting on her hand.