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Next Stop, Hollywood!

Date: 22-11-2013
(Added: 30-12-2013)

Kitty at the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles.


Date: 11-07-2012
(Added: 28-09-2012)

I went to Skagway, Alaska.........in search of.....no, not gold....I was looking for Penguins! Alas, I did not find one. (I didn't find any gold, either....)

Slumming It

Date: 28-07-2011
(Added: 08-02-2013)

My PeoplesDude & GirlPeoples don't actually live together. They say that it is because of their "careers". (I can't figure it out either. Seriously.) My GirlPeoples lives in a HickTown that just got its first (and only) TrafficalLight a few years ago. Sometimes, I head down to her place to see how the CommonlyFolks live. Ther SparrowBirds are quite unusual and there are a lot of Squirrels to battle. On the DownlySide, I get recognized and the Chicks can't keep their hands off of Me! Chicks, man.

That Sounds MadeUp, Dude!

Date: 20-05-2011
(Added: 26-09-2012)

My Peoples took Me to a place called "Estonia". I think that they made it up because they also called it "Tallinn". They couldn't keep their stories straight. Peoples, man.....


Date: 15-11-2010
(Added: 01-11-2012)

On My Peoples' SecondedWeddinglyAnniversary they took Me to some Places that had been ruined.(I couldn't help but wonder if that had some significance.)  I don't know what happened to these WonderfullingPlaces but they looked pretty Cooling to Me!


Date: 26-06-2010
(Added: 14-09-2012)

On a very, VERY hot day at the end of June 2010, I visited a very historical place.


Date: 07-11-2009
(Added: 08-02-2013)

I escorted MyPeoples onshore during a Mediterranean Cruise because they are not as near as SoFistimaKated as I. They embarressed me so much, I had to lock them in an OldShed and call the ShipPeoples to come and get them. Peoples, man1

Florence & Pisa

Date: 06-11-2009
(Added: 13-09-2012)

This was a fabulous criuse! Mediterraean!

Looking for IceCream

Date: 03-11-2009
(Added: 25-10-2012)

My Peoples took Me on a MediterraneanCruise in 2009. Our 1st stop was Malta. Though it was a very ScenicPlace, I never found a IceCreamStore to get a good MilkShake!

(I also found that their public restrooms were, indeed VeryPublicing!)

My Peoples Getting All Kinds of Married

Date: 15-11-2008
(Added: 08-02-2013)

My Peoples got married in this LovelyIslandPlace. I mostly stayed on the Pride of Americans Boat. My Peoples said that the Islands were overrun with PitBulls infected with MaddingCowsDiseases. Later I found out that the biggest threat were WildChickens. Peoples, man.