Buddy spots (85 found)


Date: 27-10-2017
(Added: 24-11-2017)

Dexter went to visit China. His first stop was in Beijing. He found it to be too very polluted and overcrowded!


Date: 24-10-2017
(Added: 24-11-2017)

Then Dexter visited Shanghai


Date: 19-10-2017
(Added: 24-11-2017)

Dexter, general of the Terracotta Army! :-)

Glacier national park

Date: 08-10-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Dexter is a huge fan of national parks and enjoyed his week-end in Montana very much!

Pocaterra ridge

Date: 17-09-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Pocaterra ridge was a very popular destination on this beautiful fall day and Dexter could barely find a quiet place at the summit but it was well worth it, don't you think?

Waterton lakes national park

Date: 03-09-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Dexter spent labor-day week-end in Waterton lakes national park.

Hiking in Banff

Date: 20-08-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Dexter spent his summer hiking his way accross the Rockies, as he loves to do!


Date: 01-08-2016
(Added: 14-08-2016)

Dexter went to visit Seattle. He was very lucky as it was sunny for 3 straight days!

Banff national park

Date: 24-07-2016
(Added: 28-07-2016)

Dexter is hiking all around Banff national park this summer!

Moraine lake

Date: 25-06-2016
(Added: 28-07-2016)

Dexter at the iconic Moraine lake