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Pepe Museo del Oro

Date: 06-10-2016
(Added: 06-10-2016)

Our dear Pepe last week visited the Gold Museum in the beautiful country of Colombia and this week we released our first video


San Gimignano

Date: 22-08-2016
(Added: 22-08-2016)

San Gimignano is a town in the Italian province of Tuscany. The town is also called the "city of fine towers". It is famous for itsmedivial architecture. We climbed Torre Grosso and took some photos. I was a bit scared, because it was very high and windy and I am lightweighted.

Winter wonderland

Date: 14-12-2015
(Added: 28-12-2015)

Dexter is enjoying the early season snow around Calgary!

Banff national park

Date: 27-10-2015
(Added: 19-11-2015)

Dexter hiked up a lot of mountains in Banff national park this summer!


Date: 20-10-2015
(Added: 19-11-2015)

Dexter spent his summer hiking in the Rockies. He LOVED it!

Banff national park

Date: 17-10-2015
(Added: 19-11-2015)

Dexter spent his summer hiking in and around Banff National Park.


Date: 07-08-2015
(Added: 17-08-2015)

Dexter is delighted he now lives near Banff national park

Riding Mountain national park

Date: 08-07-2015
(Added: 17-08-2015)

Adding another national park to his "been there/done that" list, Dexter stopped at Riding Mountain national park in Manitoba.

Climbing Mt. Bromo

Date: 30-05-2015
(Added: 12-06-2015)

Because the sunset viewing was to crowded, I took a picture near the stairs to the crater. Unfortunately there was to much sulpher smoke to look into the crater. We hardly couldn't breathe.

Mumbai Marsala

Date: 12-05-2015
(Added: 12-05-2015)

My first intention was to watch the old Mumbai busses go by.

But when this lovely young lady sat down next to me I was really distracted. And she was really curious.

Incredible India