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Pocaterra ridge

Date: 17-09-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Pocaterra ridge was a very popular destination on this beautiful fall day and Dexter could barely find a quiet place at the summit but it was well worth it, don't you think?

Hiking in Banff

Date: 20-08-2016
(Added: 19-10-2016)

Dexter spent his summer hiking his way accross the Rockies, as he loves to do!

Banff national park

Date: 24-07-2016
(Added: 28-07-2016)

Dexter is hiking all around Banff national park this summer!

At beautiful Ijen Crater!

Date: 31-05-2015
(Added: 12-06-2015)

We took a lovely, steep walk to the Ijen crater. When we arrived at the top to see the crater, it was foggy and it turned raining really bad. Gladly we had some proper rainclothing with us and we desided to wait. After 15 minutes the fog turned away so we could take pictures at this beautiful vulcano, after this beautiful walk.

Doing some challenges in Lisbon

Date: 06-03-2015
(Added: 08-03-2015)

While enjoying Lisbon Skipper took the opportunity to do some challenges next to sightseeing. Especially the Sardine challenges was fun as he was able to talk some about this wonderful website and buy a nice souvenir to take home with him!

T Stanford Cowe Gets Steamed Up

Date: 22-01-2015
(Added: 22-01-2015)

Call that a WHAT? T Stanford Cowe inspects a piece of ironmongery affixed to the front of an aging steam engine in Queensland, Australia. Well, at least the red trim of the iron horse with the cow catcher macthes T Stanford's scarf!

North Korea

Date: 27-02-2014
(Added: 27-02-2014)

In September 2013 I travelled by train from Beijing to Pyongyang.  These are some of the pictures my human companion took while I was there.  Hope you like them

Golden Rock

Date: 05-11-2013
(Added: 02-12-2013)

Dexter made the epic ride up to see the Golden Rock

Grand Canyon

Date: 16-06-2013
(Added: 29-06-2013)

Hanging around the Grand Canyon!

Mesa Arch - Canyonlands

Date: 14-06-2013
(Added: 29-06-2013)

Awesome view at the Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park!